Make your webcasts

People would rather read webinars, master classes
interviews, and podcasts, than watch or listen to them.

Even if they register for video broadcasting in droves and request records, they still never watch them, thus making your efforts futile.

We asked 50 people if they’d rather watch a webinar or read information from it, and 47 replied that they’d rather read.


If your customers want to learn about a product, both you and your competitors offer, they would prefer to receive readable content. In addition, the real decision maker (e.g. your boss) is unlikely to spend an hour or two of their precious time to watch a webinar you recommend.

Here is where our service comes into play — we will make a rich-format publication of your (product) webinar that you can add to your website or with which you can add value to your webinar.

How our service adds
value to your webinar?

  • Makes webinar content more accessible, easier to navigate, and time-efficient.
  • Broadens your reach and increases engagement rates (number of shares).
  • Improves attractiveness of your particular webinar and of webinar-generation initiatives to customers.
  • Drives more traffic to your website (including that from search engines).
  • Enables customers and evangelists to cite and refer to particular quotes and information chunks from the webinar.
  • Enables customers to consume the content through smartphones and in mute modes (night modes).
  • Offers a more convenient way to bookmark the content and to resume reading.
  • Enables you to create expert content.
  • Makes your content available in English and Russian (other languages available upon request).
  • Minimizes sound problems (with inconsistent volume level — too quiet or too loud).

we do?

Extract all text and slides from your webinar.
Structure and format them into neat articles.
Make text more solid—remove useless words like “oh...”-s, “hmm”-s, and so on.
Add headings, subheadings, lists, and a table of contents.
Add headers and footers (to MS Word and PDF formats), e. g. with your logo and contact details.
Highlight keywords and calls-to-action and enrich them with references to your website (products).
Extract voice track and split it into slides, post it to SoundCloud (or any other audio-hosting service you prefer), making downloadable format and links for those who love podcasts.
Deliver it as an HTML file that can be copy-pasted to your website and distributed as a PDF, Google.Doc, MS Word, PowerPoint format among your subscribers.



Minimum fee: USD 125
A 60-minute webcast: USD 210
1 minute: USD 3.5

How to order

Send us your request to
or to (Evgeniy).


PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, bank transfer